Jessica L.

For personal reasons, I considered cancelling my participation in the WRAP during the first weeks. I’m so glad I stayed! It’s a wonderful program with lots of flexibility for when life hits. Now that I know how my core values and beliefs impact my life, I can break through barriers by changing the limiting beliefs that hold me back. This empowers me so much! I’ve made a commitment to become my own best friend and live life to the fullest!

Released 65 lbs

Hoda N
Cairo, Egypt

Joining the WRAP has allowed me to lose emotional weight and that is a great success! The EQ-i 2.0 (EI assessment) helped me realize that I needed to develop my capacity to empathize not only with others but also with myself. No more beating myself up! This insight alone has helped me become more accepting and, less judgmental and has improved my relationships in a very meaningful way.

Chris Laforge
ON, Canada

The WRAP required that I set a goal unrelated to weight loss so I decided that I would become my own BEST friend. Although I did not lose weight during the program, things shifted inside that have since helped me get back on track with my health, exercise, and eating. Not only am I down 25 lbs since I finished the WRAP in April but I’ve also decided to get back to my Beachbody business and build my team so we can help others enjoy a life of vitality and financial independence. There is no limit to what I can do, thanks MC!

Released 25 lbs

Ontario, Canada

Before working with you I was toughing it out for years, pushing my feelings aside to do what I thought I “should” do. I was becoming more and more unhappy and angry no matter how much I was doing and achieving. It felt like I was living somebody else’s life. Fast-forward two years to now and I am happy, more compassionate and kind person, when making decision with my heart and being attuned to my feelings.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thanks so much MC for what you have awakened in me! Over the 5+ years of our off-on coaching partnership, I’ve come to realize, at a deeper level, the capacity I have to change the way I feel and the huge difference it makes when I do. The fact that you so ardently believe in my potential and show unrelenting support for my personal growth and success helps me step back into my power when moments of doubt surface. I strongly recommend your services to anyone who’s ready to live a juicier life.

K. Graham

The WRAP helped me realize how much baggage I’ve been carrying, both physical and emotional. It helped me purge in all aspects of my life and this has been so liberating! I’m now doing the things I love and giving in to my creative juices. I’m taking the time to enjoy the journey and am now empowered by the things that jazz me! The WRAP is such a great opportunity to turn your life around!

Released 10 lbs

Dany G.
Gatineau, QC

The WRAP Program is such a powerful journey to personal growth. MC helped me come to my own realizations and look within to find that my solution was just at my finger tips. I was impressed by the structure and flexibility of the program which adapted nicely to my individual needs. A definite must!

K. Z.-K.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

I came to the WRAP ready to make a major change in my life. During the 3 months of the program, I gained tools that rooted themselves so deeply in my spirit that, without even realizing it, prompt me to re-center myself and move forward with more confidence and trust. As a result, my health is improving, I’m a better mom to my growing lads, and have become more comfortable and effective with conveying my value in the professional arena.

E. A.
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Thanks to the WRAP, I can now understand my emotions more clearly and can change my perceptions, with more ease, when they’re not serving me well. Anyone who participates in this 3-month program with MC as their coach will, in my opinion, finish it feeling better about themselves and will be able to move forward with greater confidence just as I have.