Is this you?

You’ve done well professionally. Maybe you’ve found a sweet life partner, are gratefully divorced or still on the hunt.  Perhaps kids have been added to the mix or perhaps not.  Annual vacation, never enough. Healthy, not as much as you wish.  Happy, working on it.

Things could be worse.  At least, that’s what your mind tells you.

The question is: Could it be better?

Of course it could.

The REAL question is:

Are you willing to give yourself permission?

You see, as Jim Collins said, “Good is the enemy of great.”  When we feel things are good enough, we settle.  We make do.  Sadly, that’s the beginning of the end.  As an organic being, you have only two choices: growth or decay.  When you choose to settle, you start to decay.

If you’re here, that little nagging voice is now drumming in your ear.  You can’t ignore it any longer.  It’s calling on you to grow. It’s your nature.

I’ve logged over 600 hours in my 9 years of coaching and the common element of the clients who got great value from our coaching partnership is that they were not ready to settle.

Although they were not capable of yelling it from the rooftops, inside, they wanted better. Do you?


Coaching Packages


Complimentary Discovery Call + 2 hours

One payment of $399 CDN (AED 1,199)

New to coaching?  Not sure this is what you need right now?

This starter package will give you a chance to nibble and decide whether you need more.  During our time together, you will complete the Personal Groundwork for Coaching® Assessment.  This powerful awareness-building tool will help you get clear on what is working in your life and what could be working better.  You will not get a profile or a label; you will get scores that you tally up and interpret for yourself.  My aim is not to tell you what you need, it’s to help you recognize what is and assist you in deciding what you want to do about it, when, and how.

Meal Deal

Complimentary Discovery Call + 5 hours

3 Monthly payments of $400 CDN (AED 1,200)


One payment of $999 CDN and save 20% or $201 CDN (AED 2,999 and save AED 601)

Do you have a specific challenge you want to work through?   Or, maybe you’re looking at a new opportunity?

This package is just right for you.  Some examples of what clients have been able to work through with me might help you decide if this is what you need:

  • Make an important career move
  • Make a high-stake business decision
  • Decide to leave a relationship
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Interrupt self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Make an important life decision
  • Adopt and establish new habits Ex. Eating, finances, exercising, etc.
  • Improve relationship with a parent or child
  • Set better boundaries, learn to say “No”

The complimentary Discovery call will serve to determine whether we’re a fit for each other – I never ever take that for granted.  If we are, then I’ll help you articulate your goal so that it is not only SMART but, more importantly, it makes you feel Excited and Confident that you will achieve it.  And, if you commit, you will.

This coaching package, like the Appetizer, also includes the Personal Groundwork for Coaching® Assessment (and the Discovery Call) but with the Meal Deal, you really get to dig in and cater to that hunger for a better ____________ (whatever it is you want)!