Boost your self-love in just 90-days! Now is the time to find your bliss and re-claim your health through self-empowerment.

Has society led you to believe that losing weight is synonymous with willpower, discipline, restrictions, guilt, and frustration? If so, you’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is that releasing weight should feel good.

The truth is that feeling good is necessary for you to release weight once and for all.

The truth is that nobody wants you to believe this because struggle is more noble than ease and, when you’re struggling, it makes it easier for others to impose their solutions on you.

The truth is that struggle is not sustainable and you are, actually, wired for ease.

Who Loses Weight Successfully and Maintains New Weight For More Than 5 Years?

Have you noticed that those who successfully release weight have generally made significant lifestyle changes?

What may not be so apparent is that these people FIRST shifted inside and THEN made the lifestyle changes. A plethora of diets try to persuade you to make the lifestyle change without first making the shift. That’s the main reason why they fail you.

That’s where the WRAP rises above the noise of weight loss promises.

By focusing solely on helping you make the internal shifts, the WRAP teaches you to tune into your emotions since they are our only source of continuous and reliable guidance. You might not believe this but think about the times you wished you had heeded the ‘little voice’.

The WRAP brings you home.

What is WRAP?

The Weight Release Action Program (WRAP) is an interactive, non-diet approach to weight loss which leverages the power of emotional intelligence and evidenced-based scientific methods from neuroscience, quantum physics, positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, biochemistry, and more.

Unlike other weight loss programs, the Weight Release Action Program (WRAP) focuses on action and personal goal setting. This 90-day program will transform the way you feel about yourself and will free you from the conditions you’ve been putting on yourself. Yes, self-love is meant to be unconditional. The WRAP is an inside out process which will help you develop the skills and capacity to set your own limits and make your own choices. You are the boss of you.

  • No calorie-counting
  • No portioning.
  • No brand-name processed foods.
  • No banned foods.
  • No set exercises nor exercising schedule.

Over the course of the three months of the WRAP, as you develop your emotional intelligence, you will start to notice that you can trust your emotions and that, in fact, they are the key ingredient to making the best decisions. Gradually and at your own pace, you will select and adopt lasting habits of thought and beliefs that:

  • Give you permission to make YOU your #1 priority – guilt-free, if you so choose.
  • Decrease your adrenaline addiction.
  • Boost your self-love and your capacity to trust yourself.
  • Flip your pattern of self-reliance so that others feel they can support you.
  • Help make healthy food choices easier and more satisfying.
  • Transform exercise from an obligation to something you actually look forward to doing.
  • Foster your wholesomeness by reconnecting your body with your mind, heart, and soul.

The comfortable weight you have been craving is inevitable when you do all the deep inner work.

EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Assessment (includes personal coaching session)
This scientific assessment helps you understand your personal emotional intelligence capacity – your strengths and areas for development - giving you the clearest picture into how your emotional state influences your life. You’ll meet with your WRAP Coach to review the results and work together to set a meaningful and attainable WRAP Goal.

Group support system
Go through the WRAP with the help and support of others just like you but all a little different so you can learn from each other. You’ll have access to weekly online audio/video webinars where you intimately meet in a group of 8 to learn the tools of self-discovery and emotional mastery. In between webinars and after the WRAP is finished, you can also keep in touch for ongoing support through our secret Facebook group.

1:1 Coaching
The cornerstone of your success is your willingness and capacity to change. With 6 hours of personal coaching, you will be supported in this transformational process by your dedicated WRAP Coach who will keep you accountable to your WRAP Goal and will guide you along the way should you decide to alter the course. Your well-being and satisfaction are the only bellwethers of the coaching relationship. You remain the captain of your ship at all times.

Self-guided exercises
Weekly Personal Development Discovery Sheets are self-reflection exercises that foster self-awareness and boost your emotional intelligence. All PDDS are on the Program Platform, an exclusive and confidential space that you can access 24/7 and from anywhere on the planet provided you have internet service.

WRAP unfolds in three phases, each one engineered to ensure your success.

[Phase 1] Let’s see if we’re a match!

During Phase 1, we take a snap shot of where you are at.

You’ll complete a detailed questionnaire and Emotional Intelligence assessment and you’ll meet with your WRAP Coach to determine whether this program is right for you and if the timing is optimal too.

We will not sign you up unless we are a match.

[Phase 2] Let’s get you feeling better!

Phase 2 combines coaching and online personal development to help you set and achieve your goals.

This phase begins with the first of six one-to-one coaching meetings with your dedicated
EQ-i 2.0 Certified Coach. She will help you set your goal and then stick with you every step of the way.

In addition to these bi-monthly coaching meetings, you will also attend weekly interactive online classes and complete learning activities that will keep you focused. You’ll be connected to 5 - 7 others who are going through the same WRAP process giving you continuous access to peer support and social connection!

You will be excited - perhaps even somewhat scared - to know that during these 13 weeks, you will be free to eat and exercise as you like.

Yes, that’s right!

We believe that the main reason "diets" don't work for you is that the restrictions and rules they impose generally do not align with your preferences, limits, values, goals, and beliefs.

[Phase 3] Let’s get you on your way!

By this stage, you will have had a series of amazing ah-ha moments.

Through coaching, weekly classes, as well as the personal self-discovery activities, you will have had insights about how your emotions can work for you instead of against you.

As a graduate of WRAP, you will now be well-equipped to continue the weight release process, or transition into the maintenance phase, with confidence and great satisfaction.

Is WRAP the right program for me?

Are you still looking for the weight loss system that will help you get results that last for more than a few months without having to abandon the pleasure of eating your favorite foods?

Or, maybe you’ve convinced yourself that a lighter body is not for you and are close to giving up on the vision of a healthier, more vibrant, you?

Our next Weight Release Action Program edition launches in January 2017. You’ll have the opportunity to confirm your ideal start date from during the registration process.
No, but we do guarantee your satisfaction. As with any program, you get back what you put into it and while the results from participants vary greatly, there is one common valuable outcome from participating in the Weight Release Action Program: the level of self-awareness that you will develop over the course of the WRAP is sure to help you address emotional eating in a powerful way so that you no longer have those mindless binges and cravings.
Since groups are limited to 8 participants we recommend you sign up as soon as possible. You can save your spot now for the next edition which will run from January to April 2017.
You can weigh yourself as often as you like but you are expected to log your weight only once weekly. You are free to share your number on the secret Facebook community where you will be interacting with the other WRAP participants in your group or to keep that number between you, the WRAP Leader Coach, and your personal WRAP Coach.
+ The Weight Release Action Program is an intensive 90-day self-development program. We recommend that you apply only if you are ready to commit an average of 3 hours per week to participate in the weekly webinar, the one-on-one bi-monthly coaching meetings, as well as the regular reflective exercises and log entries.
Once you have registered in the Weight Release Action Program, we will be there to guide you every step of the way. The technical details for your participation in the live online webinars will be shared with you well in advance of the start of the program. To help you get ready for this portion of the program, you will need a smart phone, a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC) with high speed internet access or wi-fi. Please ask more specific questions during registration if you feel the technology might get in the way of your full participation in the program.
There are many components to the Weight Release Action Program. To assist you in making the best decision, we recommend that you speak to a WRAP Coach who will gladly answer all your questions. Rest assured that there will be no pressure and distasteful sales tactics used to influence your decision. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so we make sure that you are not enrolled unless you are ripe for this intense experience.

What are others saying about WRAP?

K. Graham
Ontario, Canada

WRAP helped me realize how much baggage I've been carrying, both physical and emotional. It helped me purge in all aspects of my life and this has been so liberating! I'm now doing the things I love and giving in to my creative juices. I'm taking the time to enjoy the journey and am now empowered by the things that jazz me! The WRAP is such a great opportunity to turn your life around!


Dany Giguère
Quebec, Canada
I Found My Own Solution

The WRAP Program is such a powerful journey to personal growth. MC helped me come to my own realizations and look within to find that my solution was just at my fingertips. I was impressed by the structure and flexibility of the program which adapted nicely to my individual needs. A definite must!

E. A.
United Arab Emirates
Greater Confidence

Thanks to the WRAP, I can now understand my emotions more clearly and can change my perceptions, with more ease, when they’re not serving me well. Anyone who participates in this 3-month program with MC as their coach will, in my opinion, finish it feeling better about themselves and will be able to move forward with greater confidence just as I have.

Are you ready to get your emotions working for you, instead of against you?

Your 90-day Weight Release Action Program (WRAP) membership includes:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Acceptance into WRAP program including 13 Self- discovery exercises (value $2,000)
  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Assessment (value $75)
  • Personal goal setting & EQ-i 2.0 assessment review coaching session (value $180)
  • 5 one-hour 1:1 coaching session (value $900)
  • Ongoing access to WRAP group support system including unlimited emails, log entry feedback, exclusive and confidential Facebook community (value PRICELESS)

VALUE: $3,155

Regular Price:  3 monthly payments of $629 ($1,887 CDN) or one payment of $ 1,699 (SAVE $188)

OR  Register BEFORE December 31st, 2016 and SAVE up to $388.

Early Bird Price:  3 monthly payments of $529 ($1,587 CDN) or one payment of $1,499 (SAVE $88)


100% Money-back Guarantee

We guarantee that if by the end of the third week of the program you are not 100% satisfied then we will happily refund you.


If by the end of the third week of the program, you are satisfied with the program but the timing is not optimal, we will apply a 100% credit to your program cost when you participate in a future WRAP edition.