For when relationships matter

Emotions have been recognized for thousands of years, not only as an essential aspect of what it means to be human, but also as the source of our greatest personal power.

Even though many of us have experienced boundless joy, rage, or love, and a slew of equally strong emotions, few ever ponder long enough to recognize the incredible power of emotions.  This is paradoxical since understanding and leveraging this emotional power eases how we work through the most painful emotions – like grief, sadness, and shame – and offers short cuts to the juiciest ones such as bliss, peace, gratitude, curiosity, amusement, optimism, passion, and more.

More tangible, numerous researchers in the fields of neuroscience and psychology have correlated emotional intelligence with the best metrics of a quality life:

  • Satisfying relationships with family, friends, and others in general
  • Kinder relationship with ourselves (as a result of shushing the inner critic)
  • Better overall physical health and weight
  • Less stress, more calm
  • More empathy, less judgement
  • More happiness and satisfaction

The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart.
-John Nash

Is This You or Someone You Know?

Do you ever hide the way you’re feeling?

Do you ever blow your lid after having repressed your emotions for too long?

Do your emotional responses occasionally make the situation worse or harder to handle?

Do you numb your emotions by eating mindlessly, binge-drinking, gaming or engaging in behaviour you later regret?

Do you judge others based on their emotional state?

Has the behaviour of another ever made you unsure of what to do for fear of causing an emotional reaction you were not equipped to deal with?

If you responded yes to any of these, then you might consider learning more about the Emotional Awareness Training.

What is Emotional Awareness Training?

A learning event where participants gather in person or online in small groups to explore the emotional dynamics they observe in others.  Through this lens, they notice patterns they had previously been unaware of.  Participants are invited, through the power of thought-provoking questions, to look at how these patterns compare to their own and to consider making changes to improve outcomes at home, at work, at school, and everywhere in between.

This interactive half-day workshop gives you the opportunity to:

  • View the 11-min. short film titled Emotions In Action: See What They Have to Say.
  • Broaden your understanding of the role and power of emotions.
  • Apply this understanding to form and nurture mutually supportive and satisfying relationships with all those who play a role in your life.
  • Further your personal growth, improve your business and workplace outcomes, and ease the achievement of your most compelling goals.

Program Facilitators

Individuals who want to improve the quality of a specific relationship to a loved one or the quality of their relationships in general. Families who seek to work through acute or chronic domestic tension in a loving and supportive manner. Workplace teams whose performance relies on optimal interdependence such as nursing teams, emergency response teams, military teams, multi-disciplinary health teams, family assistance teams, etc. Workplace groups and organizations where highly efficient and effective communication amongst its members is critical to the efficient achievement of its mission.
As an engaged participant of the program, you have the opportunity to improve your:
  1. understanding of the basic role of emotions,
  2. capacity to interpret the emotions of others,
  3. own emotional awareness,
  4. understanding of the link between thoughts, emotions, and actions,
  5. capacity for empathy, and
  6. capacity to communicate your own emotions and needs to another.
The Emotional Awareness Training program is a half-day, experiential, facilitator-led learning event. There are two modes of delivery: in person or via web-conferencing. Optimal group size for in-person delivery is between 4 – 12 while online delivery allows for 4 – 8 participants to interact comfortably through the audio-visual platform. In addition to group discussions other modalities, such as reflective writing and engaging exercises, are used to ensure different learning styles are catered to.
Emotions in Action: Hear What They Have to Say is an 11-minute video co-produced by the authors of the Emotional Awareness Training program and directed by Matt Lemay, three-time Canadian International Film Festival award recipient. This short visual voyage into the emotional space of a small family is the conversational catalyst which helps viewers notice behavioural patterns and their associated outcomes.
The value of the Emotional Awareness Training will be multiplied many-fold by those individuals and groups who continue to develop their emotional awareness and competency after the training. To this end, we offer various 1:1 Coaching Packages as well as customized options for organizations and workplaces. Please inquire for more details.