Empower yourself to release the hold stress may have on you no matter the cause.

Stress, in addition to being itself, is also the cause of itself, and the result of itself.”

You’re not going find a list of the dreadful, even fatal, effects of stress on this website.

You know them. You feel them. You live them. You don’t need to be reminded of them.

This said, you may be thinking you have as good a grip on stress as is possible in this world of incessant distractions.  Or you’ve bought into the belief that most of the causes of stress are beyond our control and that the best ways to manage it are by exercising more often, getting more sleep, taking time off work, and disconnecting from tech gadgets as much as possible, you wouldn’t be alone.

Sadly, this view of stress and approach to its management is disempowering and disappointedly ineffective.

 Even though these strategies are sound, using them to manage stress is akin to applying a band-aid on a gaping wound with a shard of glass.  The only way, evidently to stop the bleeding and heal the wound is to remove its cause: the piece of glass.

 The Salus Method is an empowering way to release the hold stress may have on you no matter the cause.

The Salus Method

You’ve undoubtedly heard that “your perception is your reality.”  The Salus Method is a simple, yet powerful, 8-step process which guides you through any situation you are perceiving negatively.

Based on the premise that we always have a choice to think about and see things, situations, people, and events the way we choose to, participants of the workshop must be open to changing their perceptions.


Perception: The Singular Cause of Stress

Think of a roller-coaster.  Do you know anyone who can’t get enough of this ride?  Do you know anyone who is scared to death of riding one?  What’s the difference?  Perception.

Let’s try another one.

Think of driving into a city you are unfamiliar with during peak hours.  Do you know a seasoned driver who would not be fazed by the experience?  Do you know an experimented driver who is less confident and would refuse to drive into the city before the traffic eased up?  What’s the difference?  Perception.

Stress Release Workshop

In the Stress Release Workshop, we don’t give you a band-aid.  We give you the tool – The Salus Method – that takes care of the only cause of stress: perception.

Duration:         6 hours

Format:           Online via web-conferencing platform or onsite

Class size:        Online 6 – 8 participants/group, Onsite 6 – 12 participants/group

What will you walk away with?

  • 8-Step Salus Method to release stress anytime, anywhere
  • A detailed guide explaining The Salus Method
  • Concrete, real-life, examples to illustrate The Salus Method
  • 2 -3 Rounds of hands-on practice with The Salus Method to give you a sense of proficiency and confidence with the tool for when you get back home or to the office
  • Deeper understanding of how you can create your reality by adjusting your perception
  • A practical, personally-devised, Action Plan to tackle one of your own, current, stressful situations
  • 1-hr follow-up 1:1 Coaching to support the execution of your Action Plan