Emotions are truly meant to work FOR you…not against!

Few of us ever think about our life – that part we’re awake of course – as being an endless stream of swift choices.

When the alarm clock rings, we have the choice to let it ring, press snooze or turn it off. When we rise, we have the choice of going to the bathroom first or the kitchen or the garage? When we open the fridge door, we have the choice to grab eggs or milk or bacon or juice….

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

What drives our decisions?

Emotions and beliefs, or biases if you will.

Economists know this. Marketers know this. That’s how they know what to sell us and how to sell it and when. Politicians also know this which is why they can get away with lying. As long as they serve us an offsetting dose of safety and hope – two emotions – we’re willing to override morals and values and vote for the candidate who stirs us…or the one who belongs to the party our family has sided with for generations. That’s probably because we fear being the outcast. Another emotion.

So why are we so hesitant to tap into our emotional nature?

When did being ‘emotional’ take on the negative connotation we know it to have?

Actually, I’m not sure.

What I do know though is that when we understand our emotions better, life gets better.

Our health gets better.

Our relationships improve.

We feel more of the positive ones and are able to express and process the negative ones.


3 Myths About Emotions That Keep You Stuck brings you home to your true essence: a heart-based being.

This 35-page Self-discovery Workbook debunks three common myths. Through the stories of Marion, Ralph, and Marilyn, you will understand how these misconstrued perceptions about emotions were getting in the way of everything they wanted most.

Myth #1 - My Emotions Get in the Way
Myth #2 - Showing Emotion is Weak!
Myth #3 - I Can’t Trust my Emotions

Get ready for deep reflection and, potentially, a few ah-ha’s. Even better, get ready to make decisions with more confidence and satisfaction!